OCC – Simply Watercolor – Day 1 – Plaid Background

I am participating in the Online Card Class – Simply Watercolor by Kristina Werner. The classes are focused on creating watercolor-based cards from scratch using no stamps or dies. See here for my initial post regarding this class.

The class lesson videos are released over 5 days, with 3-4 cards presented for you to make as your “homework” for each day. I am running behind in completing my homework, but that’s okay because registered class participants have lifetime access to all the class materials – yipee!

The Day 1 class topic was Patterns and Backgrounds. I completed the first card which involved painting a plaid background inside an outline image. The outline image was transferred to the watercolor paper from the printed paper using the Graphite Transfer Technique. This technique will come in very handy for other projects, where I can create and print my own images and then transfer them to watercolor paper for painting.

I was going along very nicely and mostly painting “inside the intended lines” until the last brush stroke and blam! it bled outside of the line I was trying to paint. Also, the ink I used for the sentiment did not show up very well on the label. Oh well, I don’t know anyone turning 50 anyway, so card will go into my samples binder for future reference.

OCC – Simply Watercolor – Day 1 – Card 1 – Plaid Background

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